Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night Before Two-A-Days

Just got home from a sandwich and the fixins pool party at one of the coach's homes.  It was fun watching the kids, talking about the upcoming school year, reconnecting with some of our second "family."

I love all the stories that we wives trade about our kids and husbands.  Hearing them made me think of an old family story about my cousin Ian that I think I should tell!

Ian was in kindergarten.  My uncle Victor married a fellow dentist from Tiawan named Liza Ting.  These are Ian's parents.  At school, Ian must have overheard a conversation about his ethnicity.  When he got home,  he asked his mom, "What does caucasion mean?"
His mom thought for a moment and said, "well, it's like daddy."  Ian answered, "Oh....Bald!"

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  1. What about a TX history discussion on the Hogg family that 5 yo Karmen heard. Hearing that there was Ima Hogg and specious Ura Hogg, Karmen piped in "...and Mama 's a hog, and Kristi 's a hog, and Victor 's a hog."