Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Help...An Apology

Labor Day weekend, Chad was blessed with a Sunday off, so he asked me out on a date!  We headed to Midland, me driving, Chad watching film on his laptop.  We looked at the movies and really weren't too excited about any of them.  The Help was one I wanted to see.   I was surprised that Chad agreed, since he sometimes agrees to movies and ends up being the only male in the theater....

When the movie was over, I had to make myself stop crying. My mascara was running; my nose was running.  It was really embarrassing.  I normally hate movies that make me cry like that, but I was so thankful we had gone to see this one.

Hilly was one of the main characters.  It turns out the actress is Ron Howard's daughter.  She is one of those characters that inspires the kind of hatred for which I have to ask forgiveness. Sadly, I would imagine I have several of "her kind" in my ancestry. For which I want to apologize.  

In the third Yada Yada Prayer Group book, one of the black prayer lady's elderly mothers accuses one of the white husbands of being the young white man that took the life of her brother as part of a lynch mob.  The elderly mother suffers from dementia, and the episode sent her into a frantic panic.  As the book unfolds, the accused man feels compelled to apologize to the confused matron for the horrible attack, even though he is at least 50 years younger than the actual man and has no intentional racist prejudices.    She rubs him on the head and says that she forgives him.  The apology blesses her with a peace she had not had before.

So, after seeing The Help, I want to apologize to all of the blessed women who raised children not their own, labored for little money, and trusted God to right the wrongs.  I would hope I would be like Celia in the movie who loved her maid like a sister.  

I haven't read the book, which is shameful since I am an English teacher and insist on my students and children reading the book before seeing any movie.......but I highly recommend seeing the movie...with a box of kleenex.

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