Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Sweet Hogs (aka the Awesome Indian Offensive Line)

Unsung heroes.  If the Indian offense scores points, it all began at the offensive line.  We adoringly call them the Hogs.

We try to say thanks by feeding them every Monday night, so if you see these vehicles clustered around a house, the Hog meal is in full swing.  This week we converged on my house. 

We served homemade sloppy joes on fresh buns, potato salad, cheese dip and chips, and a favorite Hog dessert, Brownie Heaven.

I know we shouldn't encourage gluttony, but my heart really is happy when I hear them say, "I can hardly walk, I'm so full...."  and sayings like that.  This week, a couple of the players were bragging on one of the coaches' wives' Hot Sandwiches and how much they love them.  One player said, "If I'm on death row, I want my last meal to be Mrs. Burtch's sandwiches."  

Two of our linemen couldn't make it this week due to illness and an appendectomy...our prayers are with their quick recovery.

Caught my cute coach hubby in the middle of a bite!
The offensive linemen are on the front line, doing battle every play.  Their excellence this year is opening the gate to a successful and fun season. Way to go Hogs!!  Keep it up!  To God be the glory!!

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