Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Guess I'm a Parable Girl; Rift in Time

I just finished Rift in Time by Michael Phillips.  It was exciting, scientific, and adventurous.  There were bad guys, a little romance, and lots of spiritual truth.  I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who loves science and adventure.

I struggle to finish non-fiction books.  I have a hard time remembering what they said.  But put a Christian fiction book in my hand, and God's truths explode from the pages for me.  I always thought it was a little pathetic that Jesus always had to use parables for the disciples and other people to understand.  But I now realize, I'm one of those that need the story...I'm a little pathetic, but blissfuly happy reading them.

Rift in Time is a fiction book based on real research the author has compiled about how the earth has changed since Adam and Eve were in the garden.  Phillips's ideas are really cool and really possible.  His prologue about his research made me think something interesting:

I think God gives scientists truth (allows them to find it) when they are seeking it for His glory.  What do you think about that?

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