Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seminole Indians vs. Pecos Eagles in the First Scrimmage

 This is the first completely biased (in favor of the Seminole Indians) report of the 2011 season.  

As my grandmother would have me begin, the weather was absolutely beautiful.  God blessed us with sub 100 degree temps, and since the scrimmages didn't begin until 6, the sun had dropped below the home stands and the breeze had picked up ever so slightly.  A full moon rose over the varsity scrimmage, set brightly against a clear royal blue backdrop....really, really amazing!

Photo thanks to Karen Flowers!

The info for this blog is based on my observations and feelings with input from the offensive coordinator (my hubby), and a junior player (my son).  I plan to interview the head coach when the games begin.  

The goal for the scrimmage for the offense was
Score, and score often!

The Indians scored five times in forty plays,  four with the first team, once with  the second team.

1.  Jacob Burtch handed off to Jarod Adams who ran for @30 yards for the td.
2.  Jacob passed for @12 yards, and Jarod ran for 58 yards for the td.  It was a 12 yard curl route.  Jarod made two defenders miss him.  After my husband made me write down curl route, I was reminded I need to buy a straightener for my hair...curl route means nothing to me.  :)
3.  Two yard run by Jacob for the td;  Dexter Longley ran 6 yards with the ball during the series!!
4.  Second team...Ryan Johnson ran for four yards for the td.
5.  Five yard pass from Jacob to Benny Enns for the td.

Caleb Koedyker outruns an Eagle to score a touchdown that was called back by the refs.
 Later in the series, Benny Enns scored.
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Juan Espino, Raylee Suarez, Ramon Juarez, and Taylor Jaquez all carried the ball.
Caleb Koedyker, Jarod, Isaac Hernandez, Benny, JR DeLosSantos, and David Moncayo all caught passes.
Ryan did well as the second string quarterback.
Offensive line did a good job, especially with pass blocking.

The defensive goal for the scrimmage was:  Do your job!

Jordan Thompson intercepted a pass from the Pecos qb!  Coach Burtch is celebrating enthusiastically with Jordan after the interception...
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A goal line stand kept Pecos from scoring from the 6 yard line.
The defense showed a lot of fire...they were much more agressive on the field than last year.
Pecos did not score at all...the Indians shut them out!

Andre Ysasi and Dexter scramble to tackle the Eagle with the ball.
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Next week, the Indians scrimmage the Littlefield Wildcats in Littlefield Thursday night, August 18th.   Freshmen begin at 5:00, JV at 6:15, and Varsity at 7:30.  See you there!

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