Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspired at School! Thank You Citizen Taxpayers and Oil Companies!

This is my language arts classroom.
As a coaching family, we have moved around Texas some.   I have lived in the Texas Hill Country, the rolling plains of North Texas, and West Texas.  People ask occasionally, "How can you stand to live with no trees or lakes or malls nearby?

It's true.  The closest Texas mall is an hour away from my present home.  Outside of those planted and watered on purpose, there aren't many trees other than scraggly mesquites.  To add insult to injury, my town has had about .3 of rain since last October.  There is sand and wind, small grocery stores and very few restaurants.

What my town in West Texas does have is very, very good.  Good schools, good people, good local restaurants, and good churches.  I decided to take pictures of my school.

We are blessed with citizens who believe education is important and oil companies that pay a lot of taxes, so we afford nice facilities.
This is the back of my classroom
Our new junior high was opened last Christmas.  When I am in my room, in the teachers' lounge, in the hallways or cafeteria, I am inspired.  The students seem calmer, more ready to learn.  Along with having an amazing principal and vice principal, I think I might be in teacher heaven!

I have had several new students from places such as Houston, Georgia, and Wyoming. Their parents have found jobs out here in an economy stimulated by oil.  I hope these students come to love West Texas like I do....the big skies, bright stars, fantastic sunsets and sunrises, and dry air.  I love, love, love it!!

I found these hanging lights at Target.  They use the same bulbs as Scentsy warmers I think.  Even after hours, I can touch them and they are only a little warm!

My desk in a perfect state of productivity :)

Teacher's Lounge....Hi Fay!  She's another coach's wife.

Front Office


This is Mrs. Winston.  She's an amazing writing teacher.  She received those beautiful flowers because her laptop was accidentally completely erased.  Ouch!

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